Barbaresco Asili celebrates 30 Harvests (1988-2018)


Barbaresco Asili 2018


Barbaresco Asili celebrates 30 Harvests (1988-2018)


With the 2018 vintage, Barbaresco Asili signed by Ca’ del Baio, celebrates thirty harvests. Starting with 1988 vintage and , with the exclusion of 2002, (the year in which it was not produced), we come to the present day. We are proud of this small yet great milestone.

The roots of the Grasso family and its genealogical branches have been present in the Langa since time immemorial. First traces of the family ownership Asili cru date back to 1904. Today we have the heritage of 2 ha of this vineyard , second in size only to Bruno Giacosa.

The first tribute must therefore be given with all our heart to the generations that preceded us, , in particular to our grandmother nonna Fiorentina Cortese and to our grandfather Ernesto Grasso. Without their foresight, we would not be what we are today. Their solid and wise peasant vision has handed down to us the passion and care for the land, a true lesson of timeless life.

o The 30th Anniversary Barbaresco Asili label will have a small inscription only for the 2018 vintage.

Giulio, Luciana , Paola , Valentina e Federica Grasso