Riesling Ca’ del Baio


Talking about one of your own wines without falling prey to sentimental bias is always, by definition, somewhat difficult, but with regard to Ca’ del Baio’s latest offering – the Riesling – we will try to keep purely and simply to the record.

We had long been thinking of putting ourselves to the test with one of the noblest white grape varieties on the planet. We had waited with due reverence for the agronomic conditions to be ideal and for us as a winery to be ready before setting out on this fascinating adventure.
Vintage after vintage we are becoming ever more “intimate” with this extraordinary, unique variety capable of producing wines that last like few others, and – along with the positive feedback – our own awareness of the incredible potential of this great wine is growing.

The ever-changing and unpredictable multi-faceted nature of this varietal always takes you by surprise, arousing curiosity and adding a touch of allure from the first few months of its life.

Let’s raise our glasses!

The Grasso Family

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