Taken from “Barbaresco MGA, the Barbaresco Great Vineyards Encyclopedia” Alessandro Masnaghetti Editore – Enogea – All rights reserved

The Marcarini cru is located in Treiso, between map sheets 2 and 3. The denomination corresponds with the district of the same name. It is a medium-large cru, with elevations of between 280 and 385m. a.s.l.

It covers two opposite sides of the hill, one facing west and south-west towards Ausario, and the other looking out onto the Vallegrande cru to the east and north-east. The lower slopes nearer the Pajoré cru and facing west are also known locally as Baudran. Finally, many Dolcetto vineyards – also with a westerly aspect – are located in an area of the cru known as Monte Aribaldo.

Nebbiolo is the most widely-grown variety here, especially on the slopes facing due south and west, followed – on the other slopes too – by Dolcetto, Barbera and Moscato.

Ca’del Baio Nebbiolo vineyards on the Marcarini cru go into producing Barbaresco Docg Autinbej.

This vineyards are mainly facing East.


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