Vintage 2019: characteristics, nuances and objectives


For a wine producer, there is no greater emotion than seeing his wine in the bottle.

It is the same emotion that is passed on to children and grandchildren and that is also unconsciously picked up by those who taste, sip and drink the wine.

Inside that bottle, workcommitmenthumilityfatigue and waiting are mixed together.

A whirlwind of sensations that leads to the final product: our new Barbaresco 2019.

What about this vintage?

The Nebbiolo grapes were harvested in the second half of October after an overall cool and wet year with lots of rain in the spring and a mild summer.

The good temperature range between day and night gave warm days and cool nights.

We can consider it a classic vintage, with a good sugar content and an excellent polyphenolic framework suitable for ensuring structured wines with very high ageing potential.

In particular, there is a high accumulation of anthocyanins and therefore a beautiful colour, especially in view of its genetic characteristics.

In conclusion, this is a traditional vintage, with a quality production despite the slight decrease in quantity compared to the previous year.

The wines are very structured, with important tannins, but also soft and elegant, as is in the chord of Nebbiolo.